Limited features for password generation

Generate passwords with ease using this tool, but you'll need a way to keep the results secure.

If you just don't want to come up with your own passwords, this simple app may help solve your problems.

Tukanas installs a goofy pink octopus icon on your desktop, which launches a simple but functional interface with easy-to-understand functions. The large buttons and fonts also make the interface easy to read for people with vision problems. The focus of the interface is a large pane in which it lists the passwords it generates.

This free app has a limited feature set: it generates passwords. However, you can direct the number of passwords to create at a time, how many characters to include in each password, and whether the passwords should contain only letters, only numbers, or a combination of the two. The app performed well in our tests, and we liked that we could select the passwords and save them as a text file right from within the utility. Tukanas generated passwords quickly, and using the app was very easy.

You can easily save the list, but because the list is saved as a text file, it's open to anyone with access to your PC. Commercial or experienced users will want to pass this app over for something with a more robust feature set, but novices interested simply in generating passwords -- whose security isn't necessarily critical--will appreciate this freeware utility.

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