Get clever with application titles

Find a few serious uses for this application, but don't forget to use it for fun, too.

Occasionally you find a program that isn't essential, but you find ways to use it just because it makes you smile. Title Bar Changer Studio has a few serious uses, but it is worth it just for the surprise factor. The dialog-size interface includes numerous tools simply designed to alter the text on program title bars. It's so easy to use, there's no need for the usual Help file. Function button labels include all the direction most will need.

Operation is a mere matter of choosing a listed open application title, typing in new text, and pressing Change. That's it. Changer Studio worked, but it should be noted that some applications keep the new title only until they're reloaded. There's no limit to what you can change the title to, which makes this app kind of fun to play with. It's as easy to change program icons. Additional functions include hiding and showing Taskbar Items, System Clock, Taskbar, Desktop, and toggling the Clipboard. Toggling each is as easy as pressing a single button.

Title Bar Changer Studio won't revolutionize your PC experience, but it works exactly as promised. It's a breeze to learn and operate. The 30-day test gives users plenty of time to see if it works on their selected programs.

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