Run-of-the-mill security program

Find an odd grouping of tools in this suite, which is less an advanced security application than a bundle of utilities with so-so functions.

It's less an advanced security application than an odd grouping of tools: this utility suite simply bundles together a group of so-so functions. Advanced Security Tool's multitabbed check-box laden interface offers no Help manual or much in the way of onscreen instruction. Intermediate users will pick up the basic functions with a few minutes of click and watch. Advanced users have the option of a custom install, but then the program doesn't offer any customization. It doesn't get much better from there. The functions are not well-explained or very useful to experienced users.

The app places the four primary functions under four tabs. The Password Generator uses check boxes and a pair of pull-downs to create a savable list. The Password Manager is slightly more robust. Users can easily create groups to separate saved passwords, but fields are limited to Title, URL, Log-in Name, Password, and Note. An odd function lets the user generate a random password when entering the item. Auto log-in is available, but testers found the response spotty.

Two functions have nothing to do with passwords. A Notepad replacement allows users to create encrypted text files while the app blocks keyloggers. The final tool allows users to import Firefox bookmarks and Internet Explorer favorites into a common file. Some testers found that the operation missed some bookmarks or failed completely.

There are just too many better designed products available for each of the program's tools. We doubt most testers will even get as far as the three password demo limit.

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