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Reveal hidden passwords with this tool, which gets the job done, but falls squarely in the middle of the pack.

This password display app is a little thin, and it's not entirely because of the partial transparency of the interface. Asterisks Password Viewer's simple dialog-sized interface is inexplicably semitransparent. There really isn't a need for the interface at all, but there is no reason to make it ghostly or to not let the user choose his or her preference.

In a common case of shareware name following function, Asterisks Password Viewer displays system passwords obscured by asterisks. Simply drag its magnifying glass icon over a protected password to reveal the true characters. Of course, the demo only reveals the first three characters, but the partial passwords were correct in our tests.

That's the full extent of the application. It cannot reveal passwords stored on the Web, or passwords protected by other means. Much support is given to updating the app with one button to check and another to configure automatic updates. If only there was a method to give the interface a solid background.

Users needing to reveal asterisk protected passwords should give Asterisks Password Viewer a test. There are numerous such apps on the market, and this one works as well as any, despite its ghostly look.

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