A tool for experienced users

Run an application with the credentials of another user with this effective tool that makes some program installations less of a hassle.

This isn't a tool for novice users, but anyone who needs to run an application with the credentials of another user will appreciate this freeware. That's assuming the user knows the other's password and doesn't mind solving some problems with the program. Runas Special's plain graphical interface is just a few text boxes and a smattering of radio buttons. The app also works using simple command line options.

Runas Special makes it a snap for experienced users to run applications as other system users. The program's simple Help file is a single local HTML page named Guidance. The beauty of the direction is that the page simply displays the program interface numerous times; each filled in to run another common application. Experienced users can use the examples to help configure the app for their own use.

Such configuration isn't complicated. It's a mere matter of setting a domain, username, password, application, and path. Some programs need additional optional settings, but nothing more than listing the directory to execute the command or to run the window minimized or maximized.

Runas Special isn't going to revolutionize computing or give unauthorized users the ability install software they shouldn't. It will give experienced users with the proper passwords an opportunity to make some program installations less of a hassle.

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