Worth the time to spend learning operation

Forgive some slightly odd operation steps, and you'll find that this program gives experienced users a powerful tool to restrict file and folder access.

Though it suffers slightly from some odd operation steps, this program gives experienced users a powerful tool to restrict file and folder access. SecuInHand's tabbed interface logically separates functions and features, but the cramped window can't be resized.

Using a series of passwords and access controls, SecuInHand Professional helps users lock down their systems. Setting and updating all the major functions requires an odd set of clicks and passwords over the interface and the tray icon. Most users will need to follow the help manual closely at first, but the process can be memorized after a few tries.

Select Windows Registry hives and folders can be password protected with only a small amount of difficulty. Groups can be assigned different passwords, and protection easily enabled to require the password to open included folders. Users must allow opening the group through the tray icon. The process isn't difficult, but testers wished for a right-click password entry option on the protected folder. Additional protection allows users to set the app to securely encrypt files on the fly with user-selected algorithms.

To make it easy for applications to access data, SecuInHand also offers an option to designate applications as verified. Such apps can then access protected files and Registry entries without slowing down the process.

Oddly, the encryption settings default to 56-bit CALG-DES. Stronger encryption is available with a click. Administrators and power users will appreciate SecuInHand's powerful and useful features, even with the slightly convoluted method of implementing them.

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