Simple to use but not free

Skip this simple password organizer, which is billed as freeware but turns out to be a standard demo version.

This is yet another application that lets users encrypt and store passwords and other data. It is also another app that claims to be free, but confuses users with conflicting information. PC Digital Safe's simple button and list interface logically names and displays all functions. This isn't an app that requires an extensive manual. Yet, the publisher added a too-slow "Quick Start Guide" that is too cartoonlike to be of use.

This app works like most similar password storage programs. Users enter passwords and such data by filling out publisher designed templates. Start by clicking the icon for any of the 20 preset categories. Then press the Add button. Then enter the information. It's the assembly-line approach to saving personal data. There's not room for going outside the box. Users can't alter templates to fit their needs.

Copying information to the clipboard, or opening a record's listed Web site takes just a button click. It is easy to back up the database with a click. There is no method to print out all information for secure offsite backup.

The app opens as Full Registered Version, but the materials list the program as a 45-day demo and not freeware. Skip PC Digital Safe if you want a password organizer that's truly free or need a more flexible approach for saving your personal data.

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