Works, but doesn't beat the competition

Compare your current file compression tool with this one and you may find little reason to switch.

The file compression field is tightly packed, and this freeware app offers little to get users to switch. Cyber Archive's very basic button and file list interface is easy to learn and operate. The few logically placed commands make it easy to quickly remember program operation even when it's used infrequently. That's important as the publisher neglected to supply a Help manual.

Cyber Archive compresses any kind of file. So do most archivers. The app lets users drag and drop files to the interface to easily construct archives. But so do most archivers. You can easily select from four compression options to improve speed or compression ratios. Again, so do most archivers. You can double click a compressed file to open Cyber Archive. Of course, so do most archivers. The program will open ZIP files made from other tools. But, well, you know the score. There is nothing this app does that isn't found in most current archiving tools.

The only thing Cyber Archive does that isn't so common is give users the choice of compressing archives in formats other archiving programs can read. In the end, that's not enough to make this free program stand out against the competition.

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