Don't expect any hand holding from this program

Expect only the basics from this tool, which presents a tightly-packed interface that will make sense only to a few.

Compress executables and protect apps, but don't expect any hand holding from this program. eXPressor's tightly-stuffed dialog-sized checkbox and pulldown packed interface will make sense only to those few destined to appreciate this app. Those who don't create applications for fun and profit should move along. There's nothing to see here.

Those left reading will like eXPressor's simple setup and operation. Packing an executable takes as little as a pair of clicks. Of course, users can complicate the process by choosing from numerous compression engine options. The program helps the process through helpful warnings and informational failure messages. The base settings served our testers for most packing. Compression is limited to three levels from fastest to tightest.

It takes some work to protect compressed files, but it's not a requirement. Set the option and eXPressor alters the interface to allow access to an options menu. Password protection, anticracking option, drive limitations and other functions help experienced application designers useful protection options.

Installation offers four versions of this app. We tested the Professional option that included all functions. Application authors looking to compress and protect their applications will want to give this app a test drive.

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