A monitoring tool with several aliases

Find all the expected options with this sturdy, simple monitoring tool that is easy enough for the novice but robust enough for the experienced user.

The publisher of this program clearly believes that there is something in a name, and they offer this monitoring program under several different titles. Family Monitor's grey multibox interface isn't difficult to follow, although it is a bit busy. Experienced users can pick up program operation in seconds, and even novice users shouldn't have much difficulty. If you don't like the registration options, continue your search as the same software is offered under many different names.

But does it work? Yes, it does capture keystrokes and screenshots, list programs used and Web sites visited, and will even e-mail you the capture log. All are easily enabled with simple checks in the appropriate boxes under the Capture Options menu. You'll have to check quickly though. The seven day demo is set to close after a mere 10 minutes.

In addition to the expected features listed above, Family Monitor does make a strong attempt to hide itself from users. It will auto start with Windows, encrypt the capture log and can run under a stealth mode. A program password is easy to set from the interface.

Most users will appreciate the program's log playback option. Load and play to watch the captured items in a window on the interface. Users can choose to only see one of the capture types or all mixed together in real time playback or step through slowly with simple mouse clicks. Family Monitor will store saved versions of Web pages or display the live version on playback.

Family Monitor is nothing special, but it is a sturdy, simple monitoring tool. It is easy enough to operate for novice operators and robust enough for experienced users.

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