Deceptively labeled as a free version

Leaves users lacking confidence in its too-simple features for system cleaning.

The too-simple features and operation can leave users lacking confidence in this system tweaking and cleaning application. Advertised as a free version, this is merely a limited 14-day demo of the Magic Speed tools. Of course, the demo won't remove problems without registration. A Wizard moves users through a series of plainly designed information interfaces.

Magic Speed's first function is a basic list of start-up programs. Each gets a simple indicator that marks it as a system requirement, virus, or user's choice. Clicking the detail link opens a Google search for each item. It's mostly the kind of help that is really no help at all.

Too simple explanations are the hallmark of this app. It operates primarily to scan system folders for problems with software locations, shared programs, known programs, com/Active-X entries, and again, the start-up program list. Details are again available with a click, but only list the problem entries. There's no method to check each individual entry, or choose any to save from deletion. Again, not a problem as this "free version" doesn't delete.

The app includes a basic temporary file deletion tool, a set of six Windows tweaks, and a memory defragmenter. All the tools are overly simple, except perhaps to the most novice of users. They may find the tool easy to use, but it's easy to find all these functions in more robust forms in other programs. We suggest you skip this overly simplistic program and find a tool that's truly free or one with more options.

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