A must-have for Diigo users

Bookmark pages and chat with other Diigo members in no time.

Fans of Diigo will appreciate the instant access and extras found in the Diigo Toolbar. It has all you need to utilize and stay connected to your account.

Diigo Toolbar lets you sign into your account from a drop-down menu, giving you access to the straightforward buttons. You won't find standard toolbar features, such as a pop-up blocker or weather forecast, but you can opt to remove some of the toolbar buttons or add a few advanced features, such as a filter or keyboard shortcuts. Though a Help feature is included on the Diigo site, we didn't need it to get started. Very quickly, we were bookmarking pages, and highlighting and commenting on specific text. A chat button keeps you connected with other Diigo members. The toolbar has a couple of extra buttons for sending pages to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This customizable toolbar is a must-have if you are a Diigo member. Its easy-to-navigate interface will appeal to all users.

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