A solid performer

Expect a lot from this encryption tool, which proves that good things do come in small packages.

With its tiny user interface, this powerful privacy program very quickly and securely shredded files and folders.

NShred opens with a very small (almost too small) user interface. It features minimal command buttons, which are all very straightforward. A Help menu is included, but most won't need it to get started; the process is as simple as clicking the Add Folder and File buttons. Using the Options button, we were able to choose from seven shred methods, including DoD and Gutmann. The program offers a brief explanation of each method, along with how many overwrite passes each performs. We were able to add multiple files and folders, with each displayed in the main window, along with their assigned shred method. As soon as we clicked OK, the program immediately went to work and shredded our test files and folders. NShred creates a shredding activity log that is easy to pull up and save.

Thirty days is plenty of time to get acquainted with this effective program. Novices will appreciate its simple user interface, but its solid performance will appeal to all users. It cleanly uninstalled from our PC.

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