Doesn't beat the alternative

Skip this shutdown tool, which promises faster results but doesn't deliver.

It claims to speed up your PC's shutdown process, but this program did no such thing when we put it to the test.

SpeedShut places four shortcut icons on your desktop--one for logging off your computer, one for shutting down, one for restarting, and one for aborting an initiated process. According to the publisher's description, the program includes some sort of shutdown configuration for a shutdown and restart delay, but it could not be found. Each shortcut icon that we clicked performed its function, but did not ask us for any kind of configuration. We also noticed that in terms of shutting down, restarting, and logging off, it didn't differ from our default Windows shutdown speed, and there was still a time lag between clicking the icon and our PC actually shutting down. What's more, a Help feature was nowhere in sight.

Even though it's free, don't waste your desktop and hard drive space on a program that merely replicates standard Windows' features. Thankfully for us, it cleanly uninstalled and took its numerous desktop shortcuts with it.

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