Rest easy with Hidetools Child Control

Get top-notch performance with this monitoring tool for protecting young eyes from questionable Web content.

Even though we were disappointed by its brief 14-day trial period, we found this monitoring tool to be top-notch for blocking specific Internet access from children.

Right away, we were impressed by Hidetools Child Control's well-designed user interface. It's both professionally designed and very easy to navigate. Large command buttons represent different blocking options, such as Block Programs, Block Web sites, and Block Windows. Under the Block Programs option, it's easy to choose from a list of default applications. We were also able to manually add others to the list. Sure enough, all of the applications were blocked when we clicked on them. The Block Web sites option let us easily enable a filter that comes preset with tons of questionable phrases, but again it's simple to customize the list and you can delete specific phrases or add your own. The Block Windows option works in a similar fashion and lets you block applications, folders, and windows that contain phrases that you deem inappropriate. Both worked as promised. We especially liked the Log option that let us keep track of blocked programs, applications, and Web sites that users tried to access. The Settings menu lets you select when to run the program and which options to enable. You can also set hot key combinations and change your password to access the program.

A Help file is included, but you probably won't need it since the program is so easy to use. We highly recommend this program as a monitoring tool that puts you in charge of what kid's can access on your PC.

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