Easy to use but too few choices

Swap flexibility for simplicity with this bare bones freeware password and key generator.

This free password and key generator is about as bare-bones as it gets. Its simplicity will appeal to novice users, but more experienced users are going to want more options.

WPA Key/Password Generator has a very plain user interface, but it's clean and professional. The program uses numbered steps to guide users through the generation process. First, you select to generate either a WPA key or a password. Second, you select from three strengths (Good, Better, Best) that differ based on the number of characters that you want. The third, and final, step is to click the Generate button. In our tests, we ran through each key and password strength option, and the program instantly produced a viable password. There is a copy button, but that's it as far as extras are concerned. You won't find options for specifying the number and type of characters. And you won't find a Help file either, although the simplicity of the program makes one unnecessary.

This little utility will appeal to users that crave simplicity and users that are new to password generators. But if you want more customization options, you should look elsewhere.

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