Speak and you shall receive

Call contacts, search online, and update Facebook and Twitter feeds for free, using only your voice.

This stellar voice-transcription application does more than search the Web or place a call in response to your spoken command. Vlingo lets you get specific, searching Google or Yahoo and updating your Facebook and Twitter status. You can also launch applications, write notes to yourself, and verbally compose a text or e-mail message.

The set-up is a little laborious, and Vlingo does have a learning curve, but the step-by-step instructions help you program a fast access key that works like a record button, and the help file is a good, easily access reminder of what you can say and do. Vlingo's transcription may be on the slower side, especially if your connection is weak, but the application makes up for it by creating a voice recognition profile that improves with use, and by letting you preview text before you send anything to the public. Not to mention, it's got one of the best voice-to-text service we've seen.

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