International call and response

Call, IM, or text friends who dot the glob with EQO's low-rate services.

EQO's handsome display proposes three solutions for keeping in touch with international family and friends: calling, texting, and IM. Calls and texts are free between EQO members, which is a sweet sell for users whose pals dot the globe. Initiating outbound communication within EQO to non-EQO members is also affordable, thanks to rates that compete with "VoIP-out" accounts and calling cards.

EQO's phone book, which accepts imports from your cell phone's contacts roster, features a search-as-you-type field and serves as the launchpad for sending calls and mobile-to-mobile texts. The misleading Messaging tab only stores notes sent from EQO buddies. You can reply to messages here, but can't compose them. Always free are instant messages sent through seven major networks (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.), though EQO only surfaces one platform at a time and does not aspire for all-in-one IM supremacy; not yet, anyway.

While EQO users can make domestic calls and text, EQO's rates are ideal for communication abroad; at 10 to 15 cents a text and 2 or 3 cents per minute, it's best to reach co-nationals through your carrier's plan.

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