Error messages plague Masker

Encrypts data successfully, but with a string of constant errors.

Masker is a file encryption program that uses the concept of carrier files to hide and protect your private files and folders. It successfully encrypted our data, but we were annoyed by the constant errors.

From the time we installed the program, and throughout our tests, we received the same error messages. We were able to bypass them and continue using the program, but they proved to be a pain. The program has a plain, but familiar user interface. A toolbar menu and command buttons run across the top of the small window. We didn't need the Help menu to get started, and the process proved simple to follow. Once we selected a carrier file, it was easy to choose from a list of encryption methods, including Blowfish and DES. When we selected the file we wanted to encrypt, we were given the option of what to do with the original file. Our file was immediately encrypted into the carrier file. Using almost the exact same steps, we were able to decrypt and restore the original file.

The 10-day trial period that comes with Masker is short, but longer than most will need if they encounter the same issues we did. Even though it ultimately worked, there seems little reason to pay for this error-ridden program.

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