Stay in touch with fellow Ubuntu aficionados

Stay in touch with fellow Ubuntu aficionados with this handy (and free) Firefox add-on.

Users of the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu can get quick access to its community forum with this free Firefox add-on.

The options that come with Ubuntu Forums Menu are few, and they simply give you the choice of displaying the links as a toolbar or accessing options in your context menu. A shortcut button would have been a more convenient option. But either way, another menu opens with quick links that take you to the forum's home page and subscribed threads. From the menu, you can also select from a list of support categories, various community discussions, and go directly to your private message in-box. Each link that we selected took us directly to its corresponding page on the Ubuntu Web site.

If you use Ubuntu, and want to stay in touch with its forum, this add-on offers you an inconspicuous way to do so.

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