Easily hide windows

Hide windows from view with a few clicks of the mouse using this effective tool.

If you're worried about prying eyes looking over your shoulder, this privacy tool lets you quickly hide windows from view.

Fast Windows Hider has a very easy to use interface. It displays all of your open windows. Simply double-click on a window and it appears on the hide list. You can even add multiple windows to the list. From the interface, you can customize a hot key combination for hiding the windows and for showing options. Additional options allow you to automatically run the program at start-up, hide the program's shortcut icon from view, and mute any sound when hiding windows. When we tested the program for ourselves, we found that if your windows are minimized while you are configuring the hide settings, it won't work. You have to maximize the windows while adding them to the hide list. But the program worked flawlessly when we applied the hot key combo, and we noticed that it completely disappeared from view, even from our taskbar.

The program comes with a brief, 14-day trial, but it's so easy to use that is more than enough time for a full test. We recommend it for all user levels. It cleanly uninstalled from our computer.

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