Protect files with ease

Protect files on your PC and when they're sent to others easily and effectively.

This full-service encryption program easily and effectively protects files on your PC and when they're sent to others.

Lavasoft Digital Lock's user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. The left-hand buttons are self-explanatory, but helpful explanations for each one are displayed on the right side of the screen to further help new users. The program supports drag-and-drop functionality to add files, and we were impressed by the options (shred, delete, or leave) for the source file after encrypting it. The log file also provides users with encryption activity and information.

What really sets this program apart are the decryption options. In addition to options for handling the source file after encryption, you can choose to open the file once it's been decrypted, and even re-encrypt the file once it's been closed. We were also able to easily create a self-extracting file using the same drag-and-drop method, and recipients had no problems opening the file with the provided password.

Thirty days is more than enough time to try out this creme de la creme of encryption programs. We highly recommend it for all user levels. It left no traces on our PC when we uninstalled it.

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