Slows down your system

Expect a trade-off in speed that may be too high a price to pay for some.

While it can password protect user-specified applications, the trade-off in speed is too high a price to pay.

Password Door has an easy-to-use interface that requires you to create a master password to access it. The tabbed style lets you select an application from a list. If you can't find a specific program on the list, there is a search function available under the Options menu. From the main window, you can opt to create a separate password for protecting the application, or you can opt to use your master password. In our tests, Password Door worked fine with most Microsoft programs, but failed to work with Internet Explorer. Throughout the testing process, our computer was extremely slow. It even slowed down Web browsing.

There's a 21-day trial period, but most users won't need that long if they experience the system sluggishness we did. True to form, the program took a ridiculously long time to uninstall from our PC, but it did so cleanly. Regardless of your level of experience, this program's faults outweigh its benefits, and we suggest you find a speedier tool to protect access to your programs.

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