Security gaps mar this program

Spend some time comparing encryption tools and you'll see that this one is missing a few options.

While this free tool successfully encrypted our selected files, its password protection feature failed to fully secure the files.

Marx 448 Bit Encryption opens with a pleasant looking, tabbed user interface. A closer look revealed options that weren't immediately recognizable, and we had to pay a visit to the Help feature to figure out how to get started. You have to flip to the Setup tab to add or remove files. You also can select the key depth, choose from two encryption methods, and input how many passes you want the program to perform. After some manipulation, we were able to encrypt a file. There is a place at the top of the window to enter a password (or passphrase, as the program calls it), but we were never asked to enter one when we encrypted and decrypted the files.

Unlike other encryption tools, this one didn't offer any other encryption options, such as what to do with the source file. Overall, we weren't impressed with this file encryption program's performance, and we suggest you pass on it and look for a more secure encryption. It cleanly uninstalled from our computer.

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