Lack of password protection offers little privacy

Combine an unintuitive design with a lack of password protection and you'll end up with this privacy tool that works but doesn't wow.

This free privacy programs lets you hide and lock your most sensitive files and folders, but we found its user interface counterintuitive and lacking password protection.

Easy File Locker has a very plain user interface. The black-on-white command buttons aren't the least bit eye-appealing. But more importantly, the large blank window gives the impression that you can drag and drop files, but that proved not to be the case when we tried it. When we selected the add file button, a window appeared with boxes already checked to allow access and visibility to files, as well as the capability to write and delete them. We assumed that unchecking the boxes would turn off their respective functions, but doing so did just the opposite. Once we got used to the interface, the program worked as promised, but without any password protection, our changes were vulnerable to anyone with access to our PC.

Despite being freeware, this tool doesn't offer much in terms of privacy. If you're looking for a secure way to hide or lock your files, we recommend that you keep looking. It left no traces on our PC when we uninstalled it.

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