Locked without a key

Skip this overambitious desktop lock, which permanently locked us out of our own files.

This privacy tool comes with a lot of different options for locking your desktop; however, we encountered a glitch with its virtual desktop feature.

Desktop Lock has an easy to use interface that consists of three straightforward buttons, one for locking the computer, one for configuring your settings, and another for activating your virtual screen. The lock options let you choose what to display when the desktop is locked, such as hiding windows or leaving everything in view. From there, you can also set your hot key combinations for locking and unlocking the program. You also can easily enter banner text to appear when the desktop is locked. When we clicked the lock button, our desktop was instantly locked, and only displayed what we permitted. Our chosen hot key combo reversed the command and our desktop was quickly back to normal. The virtual desktop is password-protected, and although we able to successfully enable it, we were never able to access any of the files and applications that we chose to make available.

The program comes with a reasonable 21-day trial, but with the problems we had with one of its primary features, we can't give it our recommendation. It cleanly uninstalled from our computer without any traces.

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