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Keep personal data from multiple accounts on your BlackBerry with this ultimate management application.

An ultimate mobile productivity application, Pageonce's personal assistant gives you the tools to view all your online accounts in one sophisticated application. Sure, you'll have to be comfortable storing all your passwords on your phone, but if you are, you'll find yourself relying on Pageonce's stylish interface to get all your details in a glance.

After adding accounts through an assisted browsing process, Pageonce will display them as buttons on the Accounts tab. Tap it to view, for instance, your banking transactions and total balance, travel itineraries, social commitments, and friends' status updates on a slew of social networks including Flickr, Facebook, and so on. In fact, Pageonce supports an impressive array of social, financial, productive, and shopping services.

While it would naturally be better if you could interactive with the service, like reply to an e-mail, Pageonce promises only to aggregate your activities.

In response to security concerns, Pageonce is shielded by 256-bit encryption, and the company sends you an e-mail alert of suspicious activity if 'you' spend above your usual levels. The application's settings let you determine how passwords are saved, can limit your access to your particular device, and can delete all data stored on it if you move on. If you lose your phone, disabling your mobile account online pulls the plug.

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