Looks good, less filling

Become a bartender-on-the-go with recipes for over 20,000 cocktails stored on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Cocktails recipes may be the sustaining purpose and anchor for the bartending application Party Pro, but the drinks library isn't the only character in the cast. An international unit converter, basic bartending tips, and a blood alcohol calculator make up the other three-fourths of the application, along with those recipes for the Lady Love Fizz and the Bloody Brain.

While the library is excellent, the application's organization could make the recipes more readily accessible. Instead, it favors a list-like architecture. The search function would be better were it predictive, and the application's bar locator misses an opportunity by not taking advantage of GPS. We found some negligible content errors in the bartending information as well, but our greatest woe is that the recipes have to share the stage with the extras. While useful at times, we wouldn't miss them were they stored in a submenu.

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