Effortless tweeting on the go

Update Twitter and read status time lines from the comfort of your BlackBerry phone.

Strangely, Twitter seems to take only a passive interest in its own propagation, leaving third-party developers like Orangatame Software fill the void. The free application TwitterBerry gives BlackBerry owners plenty of room to post tweets and read friends' time lines.

The default screen asks Twitter's hallmark question, "What are you doing?" If you don't feel like answering, you can press the BlackBerry's menu key to peruse your friends' time line or the public time line, sift through direct messages and replies, and search your own history of tweets. TwitterBerry isn't nearly as flashy-looking as Twitter solutions for other cell phone platforms, but it's satisfying, fairly quick to load, and makes for much more comfortable tweeting than Twitter's frequently broken mobile Web site.

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