Pretty sneaky sis'

Play the classic table-top game on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Touch4 is a fun, free app that lets you play the classic game Connect Four (similar to the iconic game from Milton Bradley, whose TV commercial spawned the famous line "Pretty sneaky, sis...."). Playing against an AI or a fellow human (on the same device or over Wi-Fi or the Internet), opponents take turns dropping checkers onto a 6-by-7 grid, and the first to connect four in a row wins. Gameplay is simple but satisfying, and Touch4 offers ample customization options, everything from different-size game boards to multiple AI skill levels. Touch4 also goes the extra step of adding extras like optional hints, a last-move replay, in-game chat, and fun sound effects--as well as the fun use of the motion sensor, allowing you to "spill" the game pieces by turning your device upside down.

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