Super-search your documents

Carve your search time to seconds when looking for specific words in one document, or in many.

Rider 8 Tools may have been written by a lawyer with other lawyers in mind, but the well-designed text-searching application is versatile enough for anyone who frequently authors or refers back to long or technical documents--business professionals, academics, researchers, and so on.

The application bundles four search tools into one to search one or more documents for specific words and characters within a number of parameters, and within one document or many. Fast. You can limit the search for a whole word, case, or root (wild card); a dates bracket, even part of the file name.Rider 8 Tools will even scrounge around for defined terms and their definitions, and can also seek out capitalized phrases that may have slipped your notice.

Here's what we like most: searching from recent files or from documents or folders in the file tree, scrolling through each finding, and viewing or editing the section in the original document. Rider 8 Tools also scans and saves text from PDF documents. We'd still like to be able to search Excel documents and see a tutorial showing new users how to get started--your best bet is to begin at the upper left of the interface and work your way clockwise.

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