A pretty interface isn't enough to save Content Cleaner for Vista

Led to multiple system crashes for our testers.

A sleek, professional interface gives a good first impression, but this privacy tool caused big problems for our testers.

Content Cleaner for Vista scans your computer for questionable material. Its interface is well-designed and intuitive. It's a simple process to set up and perform a scan, whether you scan a preset area or create a custom search. The easy-to-understand command buttons for configuring the settings are prominently displayed on the left. To help speed up the searches, you can manually select the types of files you want to include in the scan, such as audio, video, and image files. There are also multiple Internet settings that you can include in the scan. Unfortunately, a trial restriction prevents you from changing any of the program's default settings. You're stuck with what it gives you. The bigger problem for some testers was that initiating a scan immediately caused a computer crash.

A pretty interface isn't enough to save Content Cleaner for Vista. We could forgive the trial restrictions, but a program that consistently led to a system crash isn't one we can recommend.

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