Save your friends and family

This fun game for iPhone takes some of its gameplay mechanics from arcade classics, but adds plenty to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Perform microsurgery on your friends and family in this fun game that brings back memories of old-school arcade games. You play as Dr. Awesome, a young doctor just getting his feet wet in the OR. The game uses your iPhone contact list for the patients you will need to operate on to remove several virus strains. The gameplay is much like the arcade classic Qix in which you move your icon to capture sections of the gameplay screen in an effort to capture a set percentage of the entire screen. In Dr. Awesome you need to cut away (or capture) 75 percent of the tissue by tilting your iPhone in the direction of the cut in order to clear out a virus. Excellent graphics and virus variations keep the game challenging and fun, while the use of the iPhone contact list adds a personal element. Just wait until you're operating on a family member to see what we mean. Overall, we think Dr. Awesome is a fun game that makes great use of the iPhone's motion sensors and creates excitement through the use of your personal contact list for patients.

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