Make your own beats

This hip-hop drum machine for iPhone and iPod Touch comes with several presets and a whole library of sounds to play with.

iDrum lets you choose from several preset beats or you can make your own using an intuitive interface. While you could dive right in and make your own, it's very useful to play a preset beat and watch how drum sounds show up in the unique interface. Beats are broken down into measures and you can zoom in to insert sounds at your chosen intervals. You can then create several measures and use the touch screen to copy and move them around to your specs. You also have the ability to adjust the volume using sliders for each sound. Though there is a learning curve, once you figure it out it becomes second nature.

From there, you can take a preset beat and delete the measures to create original beats, but don't forget to rename the file. There are hundreds of sounds to choose from, like deep kick drums and scratching noises, or you can get really experimental with sci-fi sounds and Droid hits. When you're finished, your song is automatically saved and you can use it as a ringtone. Even though there are several sounds, we still wished we had more options to put in our songs, but maybe they will add drum kits as time goes on. Overall, we found this drum machine to be a lot of fun, especially if you have a large speaker system you can plug into.

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