Browse in pink

If you love social networking but feel that even Flock isn't quite schmooze-friendly enough for your needs,

Don't let the interface scare you away from this social Web browser. We loved how it integrated our favorite social networking sites with browsing.

Flock Gloss Edition has a very pink user interface. Pink navigational buttons, pink tabs, pink toolbar, you name it. But as far as the layout and settings, everything will look familiar to you. The program let us import our default browsers settings, including our favorites and home page. In terms of browsing, the program was flawless. The tabs made it easy for us to switch back and forth between sites. But what stood out for us with this Web browser was its capability to connect to popular social networking sites. You can log onto social networking sites and Flock automatically adds your friends to the People sidebar. As soon as we logged into our Facebook account, our friends, along with their pictures and status updates appeared in the sidebar. The browser comes with tons of preset feeds and links to top entertainment, fashion, and beauty sites.

We have to admit, we were surprised by this Web browsers capabilities and features. This ones a keeper, and will appeal to all user levels. We did have to manually delete a file left behind after uninstalling the program from our PC.

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