What's on TV?

This handy free guide to your local television makes finding shows you want to watch easy.

i.TV is an incredibly useful free app for anyone who loves watching movies and TV shows. It has a very simple interface, divided up into TV, movies, a global search function, and "My Media" (basically, favorites and a set of listings for browsing genres, TV channels, and your Netflix queue). With a few taps, you can find out what's currently playing on a particular TV channel (you pick the broadcast or cable provider), watch previews and check showtimes at your local theaters, add movies to your Netflix queue (including your instant watching queue), and even read user reviews and Wikipedia articles on movies, shows, and actors.

i.TV puts this all at your fingertips in a nimble, easy-to-browse UI that's often more responsive than a set-top TV box--and the search is surprisingly helpful, with its capability to simultaneously check TV listings, current movies, and the entire Netflix catalog. The only real downside is occasional ads, such as promos with links to movie previews, but these are easy to skip. Overall, i.TV will likely find a spot on the first Home screen of many TV and movie lovers.

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