Not an easy conversion

Plagued by rampant advertising, PSP Video 9 gets in the way of itself.

This video converter is made by Red Kawa, the same folks who now make the popular Videora iPod video converter. Although both programs are plagued by rampant advertising, the situation is much, much worse in this one. The ads take up much more screen space than they do in the iPod video converter, and the ones for the PSP include shrill voices excitedly informing the user that you have won not one but two, yes two, iPod Nanos. And judging from the included images, they're old Nano models at that.

Although freeware with ads can be annoying, the manner of inclusion here goes beyond irritating and interferes with interface navigation. Video conversion rates were fine, but the cluttered and unintuitive UI significantly hampers the user's ability to determine what comes next: Pop-up boxes indicating subsequent steps are not easily distinguished from the ads that surround them.

We have noted many user complaints about the conversion success rate, so although we did not encounter any problems, we recommend using this converter as a near-last resort.

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