Full-screen control

Control your computer's mouse and keyboard with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Air Mouse for iPhone and iPod Touch gives you several reasons you would want to turn your iPhone into a remote control over your keyboard and mouse: ease, convenience, and a broad range of control. The gesture mode of navigation takes advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer to move your mouse across the screen. The touch-pad mode keeps your arm stationary while you trace the mouse trajectory on the iPhone face with your finger.

Add to those a full virtual keyboard with extra buttons, such as Control and Alt, that are compatible with your PC or Mac, a second keyboard with the keyboard functions and programmable app-launching hot keys, and two control panels for navigating your browser and controlling your media players. Support for landscape mode and multitouch scrolling and selecting while in landscape mode ice the cake.

Air Mouse works impressively overall, though the tilt mode has a higher learning curve and is strange to use at first. Play around with the sensitivity settings until you find a comfortable match. You'll need to first download the Air Mouse Server for Mac or Windows, and we recommend consulting the Web site's help page for a guide on the interface, set-up, and troubleshooting.

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