Aurora Feint II: The Arena

Aurora Feint: The Beginning was already an excellent game on it's own, but with this version you can take the action online and fight asynchronous battles with other players.

We were already big fans of Aurora Feint: The Beginning, but with the addition of online battles and even more features, The Arena has become one of our favorites on the iPhone. Like the earlier iteration of the game, the action is centered around moving blocks to match up groups of three or more. Excellent graphics and rich sounds enhance the action as you mine for various elements.

As you stockpile each type of block, you can enhance gameplay by buying items at the in-world store which effect gameplay. These items then get better as you purchase upgraded items. We really enjoy this RPG aspect of the game which draws players in and keeps the action interesting. The different upgrade types will let you destroy all blocks of the same color, freely move specific blocks where you want them, and several others.

Perhaps the biggest draw to this game is the unique asynchronous multiplayer aspect, which lets you fight another players "ghost" online. A Tavern location lets you chat asynchronously with other players (they will get the message whenever they join) and brag about arena matches.

Overall, Aurora Feint II: The Arena is one of our favorite games so far for the iPhone. With great graphics, challenging gameplay, and the ability to play others online, this game is great for fans of most game genres.

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