Stick your feeds on a USB drive

The world is full of feed readers. Portable FeedReader's claim to fame is its portability, but there's more to it than just that.

The world is full of feed readers. This one's claim to fame is its portability, but there's more to like than just that aspect.

Portable FeedReader offers a nice interface with three vertical panes--one listing the feeds, the second listing the titles of the selected feeds stories, and the third serving as a viewer. Although the panes width can be changed by clicking and dragging, the viewer pane is a bit narrow to comfortably read a typical Web page story. Our testers preferred the Open in Browser option to actually read a story. Unfortunately, doing so opened a new browser window each time, instead of a new tab, which created some desktop clutter. This is a minor complaint, however, because this free application performed so well and quickly during our tests. Aside from the viewer pane, we liked its look and feel.

Portable FeedReader can be configured to use from portable media, making it very handy for frequent travelers. At initial launch it offers selections from preloaded feeds, and adding a feed is a simple process.

We liked this freeware application's quickness and ease of use. Whether a novice or an expert, Portable FeedReader is worth trying out. And the price cant be beat.

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