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Search for over 160,000 recipes in BigOven's database for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you're looking for a recipe or meal idea, BigOven for iPhone is a satisfactory mobile representation of what the Internet database and desktop recipe finder can do. The search bar, favorite button, and glossary are clearly defined, as are buttons to jump forward and back, to flag a recipe for later, and one to return you to the Home screen. The recipes render perfectly in portrait mode, but don't expect to view any horizontally; you'll be disappointed. You should also know that you can save and tag recipes only after you've logged in to a BigOven account.

There are many more features BigOven could explore with this iPhone incarnation. Search suggestions and viewing a history of past search terms are but two ideas. Landscape mode, an option to view more than five recipe stubs per results page is another. The app should also hook into your address book or e-mail account to let you send recipes to a friend.

Here's a stroke of creativity we did like: For inspirational recipe roulette, turn on the random recipe mode in the program Options and shake. Keep shaking until you see something you like. Now that's a way to decide what to eat for dinner.

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