Play a touch-screen maze game on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

MazeFinger is a free, fun, fast-paced game in which you use your touch screen to quickly trace the path of maze before you run out of "energy" (i.e., time). The path of the maze becomes increasingly complex and more strewn with obstacles, which you have to time correctly to bypass. Drawing a path through a maze might sound rather sedate and less than stimulating, but MazeFinger amps up the action with frenetic visuals (evocative of psychedelic console games like Geometry Wars), energetic sound effects, and dance-y music--which, thankfully, you can turn off if you're somewhere that you need to be quiet, using the iPhone's mute switch.

A robotic voice gives you feedback after each maze--"Awesome," "Great," "Weak"--and you also get an overall ranking for each level. One fun innovation is taking a page from console games with "achievements," rewarding milestones for everything from playing a perfect maze to completing 1,000 mazes. This is already a solid free game, but there is room for improvement in future versions. Currently, Mazefinger only saves your top score (no leaderboard), and while it remembers where you left off if a game is interrupted, you can't opt to start a new game at a higher level (which means playing he game's higher levels--200 in all--necessarily requires a big time investment).

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