Always-on screen capture

Create, save, and share high quality screenshots and screencasts online.

The straightforward, sunny Jing Project is one of the easiest ways to grab and share screenshots and videos straight from your PC. The interface, half a lemon yellow sphere, sits at the top of your screen, waiting for you to hover over it to begin capturing the image or screencast in a crosshair.

You'll be able to annotating images and review videos, but copying, saving, and sharing them is what Jing is really about. Version 2.0 adds a useful Help Center and lets you configure new buttons that will upload your creations to Flickr, an FTP account, or to in a click.

An optional paid upgrade to Jing Pro ($14.95 per year) upgrades videos to hi-def H.264 quality, removes the watermark on videos, and easily uploads screencasts to Facebook, YouTube, Viddler and Vimeo. To the publisher's credit, the upgrade options are unobtrusive and the free version remains completely serviceable.

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