RSS with a twist

Read RSS, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook feeds, and more on your iPhone and iPod Touch in a unique way.

Flickr photos, Twitter and Facebook updates, and RSS stories are depicted as rafts floating along a river in Ziibii's creative iPhone app. You can slow or speed the current by flicking the screen in either direction, or pause at any time to delete or select a "raft." If you tire of the free application's aquatic theme, you can switch to list view to get your headlines oriented vertically, then flick left and right to further browse. To read stories from just one source, tap on Filter to select it. We appreciate the ease of posting headlines to Twitter or e-mailing them to contacts.

As another unique attribute, Ziibii preloads your stories in a built-in browser to make jumping from the preview to the full article often seamless.

Being able to get your Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter feeds is a great addition to choosing among Ziibii's handful of RSS presets. Adding your own RSS feeds is indispensable, but also not as flexible or as elegant a process as it is on readers we've seen for other platforms. Ziibii could mitigate this by deepening its preset offerings into a full-fledged and browsable catalog. Either way, it won't stop you from monitoring social media, news, and blogs on your iPhone from a well-designed display.

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