Squishy driving

This free game lets you drive a squishy car through several themed levels.

JellyCar is an inventive and whimsical free game in which you drive a bouncy car through a series of 2-D puzzles on 15 short levels. What makes JellyCar unusual (besides its goofy soundtrack) is the game's "soft-body physics," which make your car and everything in the game world extremely squishy and reactive. The fairly simple controls make great use of the touchscreen--you can drive left and right, temporarily "inflate" the size of your car, tilt your device left and right to rotate the car, and pinch and zoom to change your view of a level. This seemingly straightforward game can be very challenging, and it takes a great deal of practice to master the controls--especially timing exactly when to grow, shrink, and rotate your car. Even beginning players, though, should be able to finish most levels, and the real challenge comes in beating your previous times. This is already a fun free game, but there's definitely room to grow, with the most obvious potential improvement being to add more levels.

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