Defrag made easy

Keep your computer running at top speed with this easy-to-understand program. Just load Diskeeper, schedule it, and manually defrag no more.

The beauty of Diskeeper is its simplicity. It runs in the background when your machine is idle, automatically defragging your files making manual defragmentation mostly unnecessary. But new in version 2010, Diskeeper offers what they call IntelliWrite technology to prevent fragmentation even before it begins.

You can schedule your defragmentation for times when your away from the computer or you can use the manual defragger when your system feels sluggish. But beyond basic defragmetation functions there are a number of advanced options to increase system efficiency. Use Boot Time Defragging to defrag your hard drive at start up. While it slows down your boot time, your computer should run more smoothly overall. I-FAAST defragging sequences files in conjunction with the automatic defragger. Diskeeper keeps your swap file at the front of the disk, which makes transferring information considerably faster.

Overall, the performance and functionality of Diskeeper 2010 are superior to those of similar programs, and the user interface is easy to understand. The addition of IntelliWrite for preventative optimization puts Diskeeper 2010 at the head of its class. Diskeeper is well suited to users seeking better system performance and willing to pay a bit extra for the experience.

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