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Don't want to download separate apps for ripping CDs, recording audio, and converting files? Audiotools can do it all and more.

This audio-recording application stands out from the crowd with its highly configurable interface and powerful feature set. Audiotools' default design scheme might slightly confuse newcomers, but more seasoned users will quickly figure out how to operate the basic controls and adjust the incoming signal level. However, the app's included skins not only let you change its look but also its layout, so you can find an arrangement that best suits you. Nevertheless, we appreciate the inclusion of wizards for recording, scheduling, and converting files among a number of popular formats. Before you start recording, you can select from a number of sources such as CD players and microphones, then choose from different recording methods that apply compression or add fuzz. As if that weren't enough, digging deeper into the interface reveals a healthy library of plug-ins, including those for adding reverb, gain, normalization, and fades. The voice-activation feature will be a boon for those recording memos, and all users will appreciate the CD-ripping tool. Although its extensive feature set might overwhelm newbies, everyone else will be glad to have downloaded Audiotools.
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