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CATraxx helps users manage unwieldy music collections with powerful organizational tools, but lacks some simpler techniques.

CATraxx, with its 50-album trial limit, has a modern layout but suffers from a lack of intuitive use. The best way to get started with it is to create a new database, and from there hit up the Menubar's Audio/Scan Folder option to add albums.

Once you have some albums and tracks to play with, the program gets much easier to use. There are multiple views, adjustable on the left nav, so that you can search and manage your collection however you like. The view options, from Explorer and Album to Loan and Lookup, are self-explanatory. Click on one to see the contents of that album. Clicking on a song will open your default music player and start the track.

There's a Toolbar from which all major functions can be handled, including CDDB lookup, while double-clicking on an album opens up a metatag-editing panel. A secondary toolbar lists the alphabet for generalized browsing. Beginners have some neat tricks to play with, like copying track info from one song and pasting it onto another. Power users can take advantage of more complex tools, like editing the database template. However, CATraxx is heavily reliant on the CDDB for data, and it's not easy to make batch edits. There's almost too much you can do with the app, and not enough that gets right to the heart of simple, album-wide metatag edits.

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