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Whether you crunch code, write, and edit, or just need a space to store your thoughts, nothing beats this powerful and richly-featured tool for composing, modifying, and transforming text stored in plain-text files.

Want a great text editor, for free? Look no further. Anyone can grab a copy of TextWrangler for nothing. If you don't require the sweeping feature set of BBEdit (from the same developer), TextWrangler offers an impressive alternative. This versatile text editor may lack some of the high-end features for scripting and Web-authoring, but it still delivers useful text-editing capabilities. The interface offers several features we found useful, including the documents drawer and navigation bar, which make it easier to switch between multiple documents while conserving screen real estate. Other features include syntax coloring and function navigation for several languages; a Shebang menu; SFTP support; enhanced multi-file search and replace; and the ability to apply Text Factories created with BBEdit. For Markup Coders and programmers, TextWrangler is a simple, solid, and wonderfully useful program.
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