Slim but strong

With extensive language support and the usual blend of tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, and Web searching, Slim Browser offers a certain je ne sais quoi other browsers don't.

The pickings sure aren't slim with this powerful browser, although one of the pickings took us some time to figure out. Slim Browser's tabbed interface allows you to look at multiple Web sites all at once. It looks and feels like the more popular Web browsers out there, with standard navigational and shortcut buttons, so you'll feel at ease trying to find your way around all of its features.

The extras will wow you. With more than a hundred skins to choose from, you can instantly change the appearance of the browser. One of our favorite features is the ability to create groups so that you can open and view your favorite sites with a single mouse click. There's also a shortcut menu so you can browse your Desktop, My Documents folder, and even the Control Panel--all from the browser window. The pop-up blocker is exceptional; we didn't encounter a single annoying ad during testing. What's more, you can view and recover blocked pop-ups in case there was something you missed.

It took us some time to figure out how to work the RSS feature, however. Luckily, the publisher provides an online forum, so we were able pinpoint an answer to our problem, and in no time, we were viewing our favorite RSS feeds directly from the browser. IE and Firefox beware: you've got some competition. We highly recommend users of all skill levels give Slim Browser a try.

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